Leah Luker



Leah has been helping people find their perfect place to live in Birmingham for two and a half years through the popular rental agency, RentMonster. In that time, she fell in love with every aspect of Real Estate from marketing and showing property for owners to helping residents choose and get the perfect home for them.
If you want to sell or lease your home (or commercial property), nobody will work harder to make sure your property gets the attention it deserves. Leah’s background in film, photography and creative writing can help your home gain the visibility and attention it deserves. Simply put- a property sells or leases faster at a higher return with good marketing. Leah is here to provide the best possible advice and service to help you get the return on investment your property deserves.
If you want to buy a home, commercial or investment property, nobody will work harder to make sure you find the perfect fit. A long time Birmingham resident, Leah has lived in almost every area of Greater Birmingham and wants you to feel comfortable and relaxed as she helps you find the right place for you. Leah also knows the market and which areas are beginning to revitalize of you are interested in investment property or multi family. She believes that buying can be unnessesarily stressful. But with the right partner listening and working toward your goals- the stress of finding the right spot can be lifted off of your shoulders. Leah also wants to help those first time home buyers or investors find the right partners in finance to help people realize and enjoy their new investment. So, if you want a non-judgmental, relaxed and (dare we say) fun buying process- Leah is the partner for you.
Leah believes that real estate (buying, selling and leasing) is a partnership… and finding the right partner is the key to more than just your new front door. It’s the key to your future.

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